49 Clean Bathroom Set for your Home

Want some remodel bathroom ideas?

Bathroom is a room without you realize affect your mood. a beautiful, clean, and neatly bathroom will make you happier and relax after you use it. With the capabilities of a comfortable bathroom , you can also relax the muscles after a long and exhausting day under warm temperatures. Wanna realize the dream room without reducing the space of the house? Simple minimalist bathroom design can be the right choice! With this stylish bathroom, you can create a small bathroom that looks spacious and elegant.

Interior Minimalist Bathroom Tips    

Here are the minimalist bathroom design tips that you can apply so that your desire to have an elegant and simple bathroom can become a reality!

1. Install the Transparent Shower Partition

Instead of a curtain, attach the transparent glass as a separator in the bathroom. Curtains, in addition to easily wet and dirty, also difficult to give beauty to your bathroom. In contrast to transparent glass that is easy to clean and can give the impression of spacious and airy in the bathroom.

2. Mirror on The Wall

Installing a small glass above the bathroom sink is a common thing to do. Change this habit by installing large size glass to one part of your bathroom wall. Installing large glass that dominates the room will give the impression of spacious in your small minimalist bathroom.

3. Shower> Bath Tub

To create a small minimalist bathroom is simple, of course using the shower is a better choice. In addition to the simple installation process and not too consuming place, bath with shower will be more time saving compared with bath with bath tub. However, if you prefer bath tub, install it! Place strategically and install bath ups that are not too big.

4. Appropriate Lighting = Primary Key

Having a bathroom with proper lighting is the key to a minimalist bathroom. Do not choose lights that emit yellow light because it will dissolve the minimalist impression you want to highlight. Do not forget the natural lighting by installing a window in your bathroom.

5. Minimalist Shelf for Minimalist Bathroom

Staying with other family members makes you unwilling to share a bathroom. Each family member must have different toiletries and accessories. Put a simple rack of waterproof and moisture-proof material such as glass to organize the entire family toiletries.



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