37 Inspiring Farmhouse Laundry Room Design

Tips on arranging laundry racks neat and clean!

For those of you who live with a big family, laundry room may be the one that needs to be washed in one house is certainly very much. However, providing a special laundry room is not enough. You also need the presence of laundry shelves that will help you to make your laundry room look neat and easier to use. And the arrangement of the laundry rack also can not be messy because it will affect your activities during the washing or other activities in the laundry room.

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How to set up a laundry rack that you can use more efficient? read the tips bellow carefully:

1.Laundry Shelves Should be Enough Closed to Protect the Clothes from Dust

Many people who equate laundry shelves as well as wardrobe in general, as we know that the temperature and air circulation in the laundry room of course different. Starting from moisture and higher water content when you can air circulation in the laundry room. This will also impact on laundry shelf you have.

2.Use Water Resistant Materials to Make Your Dream Laundry Shelf

Unlike the usual shelves, laundry racks that are in the laundry room must face high humidity and sometimes even accidentally interact directly with water. Not to mention, when ironing can be air in the laundry room increased and much hotter than most. You need material that can handle such extreme situations. If you use wood as a laundry rack, make sure the wood has the best quality and you have provided the best protection layer as well. However, it would be better if the waterproof material such as stainless steel. Secured laundry rack that you have will be much more durable.

3.Provide Various Storage Methods on Your Laundry Racks

Laundry shelf fittings for storing shirts and formal shirts are certainly different. T-shirts, pants, even shoes may also be washed in the laundry room. So, naturally you prepare a fitting on the laundry rack that will make it easier for you to put things down. Provide towel racks and clothes so you can hang a variety of formal clothing. Provide a box or a shoe rack where you can put your shoe clean with safety and comfort.

4.Add Lamps in Laundry Rack

We need a good light when doing our laundry, because it’s make the washing easier while in the laundry room. Maximum lighting will help reduce excess moisture on the laundry rack. You can also add lights in the clothes rack to make it easier to search for clothing or anything else in the clothes rack.

5.Avoid Using Dark Colors on Laundry Racks

We don’t know that the selection of colors on laundry shelves was influential in determining comfort and functionality. Using bright colors on laundry shelves also helps the laundry room look more comfortable.

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