31 DIY Simple and Rustic Wooden Box Centerpiece Idea

Did you want make some rustic wooden box centerpiece?

This time we will talking about DIY rustic wooden box centerpiece. It’s not gonna cost you much money, you can made it yourself if you want. But you need to prepare some unused wood in your home to make this project, if you already have it then you just done the first step. Next step, seek some idea what this wooden box will be made for and how the shape will be. In this case 99decorinnovation already collect some photos that display wooden box idea. You can apply that to your DIY project if you think that will suit your style. When it comes into rustic themes, that will be so many creativity and almost cost you no money.

You’ll want to get a good idea of where you want to put your wooden box and then decide the dimensions. And also thing about what you want to put inside. If you want to put mason jars in it, then you’ll want to make it large enough for that. So, definitely think this through before starting your project.

What do you think? Could you make something like this? Of course you CAN!

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