47 Best Farmhouse Side Yard Decor and Design Idea

How to make the side yard look beautiful?

The side yard is the part of the house that we often pass. That’s why we can’t abandon this spot as it is, because sometimes side yard just be a place to put unused item or it will only greened with grass. Now is the time to create a narrow side yard to be a pretty little garden. What you need is just a will and good effort on it.

Some of the following tips can be inspiring before you start renovating the side page :


There should still be a path area on a narrow side page, making it easier for you to take care of the plants and repair the part of the                house at any time.

2.Variations of plants

Expand the variety of plants, although the page is only 1.5 meters wide or less. The type is a bush or shrubs. Do not plant trees that can grow big, unless you want to make bonsai. To make the impression greener, planting dollars or orchids on the wall.

3.Choose grass or garden rocks

Because there are already various plants and footrests, it will most likely be difficult to place ornamental stones and grass at once. Choose one, both of them can absorb rain water.

4.Additional works of art

if you like art, place a statue or other aesthetic works to add to the beauty of the page.

5.Plants Arrangement

In the large yard, you can arrange the plants according to the height level. In a narrow page, plants can only be arranged parallel to the edges of the page, with not many levels.


To beautify and illuminate, put lights on the side yard. Can spot lights or decorative lamps installed on the wall.

You just read the tips to decorating your side yard, now check this photos idea that might inspire you with your project. Good luck and have fun!


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