48 Simple and Cute DIY Rock Painting Ideas

Seeking Idea for making some art rock for your home decor idea?

Some other way to create a simple and cute home decor is with handcrafted decoration. Rock art painting is a fun and easy way to spend time crafting. Painting on rocks just like painting on canvas but in a different medium. Rock medium is what makes this craft to be unique, cute and beauty. Materials needed are very easy to find such as paint, some rocks and your imagination. This rock painting is very popular thing to do, because it’s very simple and easy to do. And the result is very beautiful to placed in home decor or in the garden and park.

The painted Rock give a unique and creative accent to your garden design. Rock painting activities is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your child, it must be fun. This rock painting activity is have so much positive impression while you doing it with your son. It can improve imagination of your children, and improve their creativity too. Here are some stone art ideas that can inspire you, hope it was like what you expect.



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